gearsMotion Systems Inc. specializes in custom rush jobs for large gears (up to 80″) with quick turnaround on emergency jobs. We also manufacture an extensive line of power transmission components including:

  • Custom Pulleys & Sprockets
  • Custom Sheaves
  • Silent Chain Sprockets
  • Timing Belt Pulleys
  • Stock Sheaves & Pulleys
  • Industrial Gears, all Types
  • Shafting – Straight or Spline
  • Couplings – Machined to fit your needs

Motion Systems Inc. prides ourselves on manufacturing Gates gears, Gates poly chain drives, Gates poly chain pulleys, Gates poly chain belts and Gates poly chain sprockets. We also manufacture most of Gates parts, check now if we manufacture the Gates gear you need; search our complete Gates Corporation Catalog, click here!

Since 1973, Motion Systems Inc. has specialized in drive system components for leading manufacturers, medium, and small companies in North America, including the following industries:

Machine Tools Paper & Pulp Wood Industry
Power Transmission Medical
Construction Material Handling
Agriculture Food Processing Services
Automobile Manufacturers Marine Machining



We will work from your prints or use our CAD/CAM system to engineer, design, and manufacture a solution to your custom large gear or custom pulley and sprocket needs.

Made in the USAYou can count on our many years of experience to give you exactly what you need, from prototype parts to production runs. We are pro-active and use our expertise to solve your power transmission problems. In short, we do the “tough jobs” that other companies are not equipped to handle, and do it at a competitive price. Emergency orders are delivered on time based on our “QUICK TURNAROUND ON RUSH JOBS” policy, and at a price you can afford.