Standard PulleysMotion Systems designs and manufactures an extensive selection of stock or standard pulley systems from your blueprints, sketches, samples or instructions.
Industries served include:
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Logging
  • Machine Tools
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Packaging
Materials used include:
  • Aluminum
  • Amco
  • Cast Iron
  • High or Low Carbon Steels
  • Stainless
  • Steel
Some examples of the products that we manufacturer are listed below. This list is not all-inclusive. If you don’t see what you need, please ask us.

Cable Pulleys Poly V Pulleys – J – L – M – any material
Companion Pulleys – any size – any material Ribbed Pulleys to any size
Flat Belt Pulleys – crowned or uncrowned Spline Bore Pulleys – any material – any size
Idler Pulleys Split Pulleys – fractions to 72 inches – any material
Metric V Belt Pulleys Standard or Classical Pulleys – A – B – C – D or E (just provide outer or pitch diameter)
Multi Head Pulleys up to 72 inches Timing Belt Pulleys – all types
Narrow V Belt – SPZ – SPA – SPB – SPC (metric conversion equivalent of narrow V belt) Toothed Pulleys – all types
Narrow V Belt – 3V – 5V – 8V Wire Rope Pulleys – fractionals to 72 inches – any material (including split configurations)
Polyflex V Belt – 3M – 5M – 7M – 11M


Plating materials include:
  • Cad
  • Chrome
  • Color anodized
  • Hardcoat
  • Zinc

    Split Pulleys

    Made in the USA